South Dublin Auction | Storage Charges and Policy changes.

Storage Charges and Policy changes.

South Dublin Auction has been super lenient with regard to collection of paid goods and storage of same over the last 18 months. Even although we have a 12,000 square foot warehouse we are now at capacity and its greatly affecting our ability to run our business. 
Any lot bought at auction must be paid by the Following Wednesday by Close of business or the goods will be lost. We will hold goods that have been paid for without charge for 12 days starting on the day after the auction. If lots are not collected within 12 days on the thirteenth day a storage charge will then be applied at a rate of €5 a lot for smaller lots and €10 a lot for Furniture and bigger items. This charge will be applied daily until the goods are collected. Prior to collecting goods after the 12th day you will need to pay the storage charge before the goods are released. These rules also apply to goods being collected by couriers. If you do buy from our sale please ensure you can collect with 12 days or be prepared to pay storage charges. As soon as the storage charges exceed the hammer price of the goods they will be re-auctioned to offset against the storage charges. There will be no warning or reminders. 
Goods in our building for more than 3 months or where the storage fees surpass the original hammer price SDA will have the right to: re-enter the Lot into auction and the proceeds of such re-sale will be applied in the                 following order: in settlement of any outstanding storage fees, removal fees, and insurance expenses due; and then any sums due under the original contract following the first auctions (together with any VAT chargeable). The                     balance of the re-sale price, if any, shall be paid to the original Buyer
In order to facilitate the collection of more goods we have lengthened our collection times on Monday until 5pm. If you need to collect goods for multiple weeks please contact us in advance to book a collection date and so we can gather your goods in advance. Phone us on 01-429-8792 and please have the dates of the auctions from which you wish to collect ready. If you are on the schedule your goods will not be resold - although contact alone is not enough you must have an agreed pick up time with us.